Halloween 2012Edit

The Halloween 2012 feature is a BattleCraft special event available only for a limited time.

  • The Halloween Event can be found in Campaign -> Argothia, a new Battle Node is available
  • Introducing a new Halloween pack purchasable via the Shop
  • New Halloween commander skin available from the new Halloween pack
  • New Revenant profile avatar available from the new Halloween pack


  • Revenant (Uncommon and Mythic), a Twilight character card, to craft and collect

Playing the EventEdit

In order to get the ingredients needed to craft the Halloween rewards, you will need to acquire White Goo and Red Goo tokens (the Goo represents essences captured during a successful Ghost hunting expedition). The number of tokens required depends on the specific item you wish to craft.

These tokens are randomly dropped from winning battles in the Halloween Event node, and by equipping your characters drawn with the Event support cards. It is required to capture the Goo tokens if it drops, or the tokens will be lost.

Event support cardsEdit

Ecto Gun Mark 1 (Common)

  • Unaligned, 2 DP, Energy Drain 1, 0 Round, 0 ECT, 0 EC
  • The Ecto Gun Mach I (Common) is available from any Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, New Blood and Ultra packs.
  • It is required to capture White Goo token if it drops
  • Can only capture 1 White Goo per Gun

Ecto Gun Mark 2 (Mythic)

  • Unaligned, Unique, 4 DP, Energy Drain 3, 0 Round, 0 ECT, 1 EC
  • The Ecto Gun Mach II (Mythic) is available from any Gold, Platinum, New Blood, Ultra and Titanium packs
  • It is required to capture Red Goo token if it drops
  • Can capture any amount of Red Goo

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