The Twilight Council rules the Twilight faction, otherwise known as the Denizens of the Dark to the people of Asteras. Much of the history of the Twilight faction and how the Twilight Council came to be are shrouded in mystery, while scholars that try to, have mostly disappeared without a trace. What is known of their mysterious beginnings can only be traced to the one known as the Lich King, who is rumored to have dabbled into Magna manipulation, in ages past. The creatures that have been spawned consequently roam the Twilight lands usually at night when their powers reach their peak. Vampires, ghosts, lycans, zombies and mutated beasts have all been claimed to exist, wandering the Twilight lands and borders. The Twilight faction frequently wages war with the inhabitants of the Forest of Eruilean, with the Lich King eager to unlock the secrets of the creatures that have a natural affinity to Magna.

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