This is a BC character card.

In this example,

  • Nico Swiftblade is from the Unaligned Faction. The color denotes rarity of the cards (Nico is Orange which is Rare)
  • She is a Merc and Stealth type character (which interacts with other cards in BC, e.g Support Cards with Req: Merc or Req: Stealth conditions)
  • Her stats are: (Usually denoted as 4/4/8)
    • 4 Energy (cost deducted from Player Energy bar at each match-up)
    • 4 Power (4 physical damage dealt to opposing character or opponent if unopposed)
    • 8 Health (Can receive 8 damage
  • She is a Unique Character Card (see Unique below)
  • She has Cleave 2 (Deals 2 physical damage to opposing and adjacent enemies) and Dodge (chance to dodge physical attacks) abilities

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